The coronavirus pandemic made life interesting for folks living in the Florida panhandle, especially the patients and clinicians at our Olive Branch, De Luna and Arcadia Health and Rehabilitation Centers. Together, they faced unprecedented challenges and uncertainties. We worked to make things as easy as possible by increasing our already rigorous in-house safety protocols, and we also combined those with the specific guidelines provided by the CDC and other public health agencies. Our approach was comprehensive and focused, and yet there were still occasional moments of uncertainty and fear experienced by everyone involved.

That all said, Gulf Coast Health Care prides itself on being prepared for all challenges, and 2020 was an era of growth as much as it was an era of stress. Our panhandle centers remained focused on their commitments to their patients as well as their communities and refused to let the coronavirus pandemic stand in their way. We took major strides during a year where everything else was stuck in place, all while keeping safety and wellness top of mind. Everything done was done in the right way.

Our accomplishments

Each year, Newsweek lists its Best Nursing Homes in America. Ratings are determined by a reputation survey taken by 46,000 medical professionals, including physicians, nurses and physical therapists. Arcadia Health and Rehabilitation Center was named among the 54 best nursing homes in Florida, a great honor that was achieved by our high standards of care as well as the conditions of our state-of-the-art location. Our patients know they are receiving the best care because our centers are safe and our clinicians are the best in the business, and that reputation has spread across the healthcare industry. Congrats to the Arcadia team.

Elsewhere, our De Luna Health and Rehabilitation Center was involved with Project Prosperity and opened with a Deficiency-Free Survey, also known as a D-Free Survey. This high honor is determined by the quality of care a center offers their patients. It is a meticulous survey conducted over the course of multiple days that inspects nearly 200 different quality, safety, and performance aspects, including medication management, patient care, administrative success, environmental qualities, and everything else that makes for a safe and healthy facility. Some of the highlights noted in the survey included the center’s convenient location near local hospitals, our occupational therapy services, the Life Enrichment program, and our fun community outings. It isn’t easy to achieve a D-Free rating – the regulations are strict and demanding, as they should be. But the De Luna Health and Rehabilitation Center, like all our centers, is committed to quality and care above everything else, no matter what it takes.

These accomplishments are indicative of our success throughout the state of Florida, where our centers receive an average industry rating of 5 stars. That’s what happens when you prioritize patient care, clinical success and a great working environment. Speaking of a great working environment, our centers in the panhandle and throughout Florida added new registered nurses, personal care attendants and other clinical experts, which provided much-needed employment for local professionals and extra layers of care for our patients. And – because this is Florida, after all – we successfully prepared for and overcame six named hurricanes, avoiding further disaster as we continue to battle COVID-19.

In 2021, our panhandle centers will focus on renewing hope, renewing energy and continuing our commitment to quality healthcare.